Cargo Lander v1.0-FAS

Cargo Lander v1.0-FAS

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Cargo Lander Download – Game Info

Group FAS has released small pc game “Cargo Lander”. Enjoy!

Description: Cargo Lander is the project name of this lunar lander style game, with asteroid themed levels, mostly. The game has two modes. Classic Lander, and Cargo Lander. In Classic Lander the goal is to land on all landing pads in the level to complete it, where the only major skill the player has to rely on is flight and landing, while in Cargo Lander the goal is to transport cargo from pad A to pad B, and to do that the player must solve mini-puzzles to reach the other end. And upon completion of both modes the player unlocks a third mode. But beware, space is filled with unknown dangers, and obstacles just waiting for an inexperienced pilot to drift their way.

Release Name: Cargo_Lander_v1.0-FAS
Size: 116.27 MB

Cargo Lander Download – Gameplay Video

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