changelog cube world

-updated keyboard mapping,
-fixed start screen / save bug,
-fixed buffs, respawn,
-fixed commands,
-fixed running away pets,
-fixed too-many-items-dropped-bug,
-new potions,
-character & world selection,
-new weapons,
-fixes and improvements.

-new armor and swords,
-spirit system,
-improved combat,
-mobs, pets, upgrading,
-caves, modified quests,
-house building system,
-new monsters and dungeons,
-better multiplayer.

-flowers, trees, grass, bushes,
-villages, roads, pyramids, deserts,
-new game engine, fixed shading,
-clouds, first quests,
-voxel editor,
-third person view,
-rivers, waterfalls, water,
-more enemies,
-night & day system,
-minimap, castles,

Link with Cube World: HERE