Citadels Update 5-FLTDOX

Citadels Update 5-FLTDOX

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The next big Citadels patch is now live. The team from BIGMOON Studios finished working on the second patch. The following changes have been implemented:
– Updated localization files. Adjusted slightly the Ok panel.
– Victory message for map “The withdrawal” within limits.
– The subtitles for RUSSIAN language only will be a bit slower now, the other languages its still the same. For the other languages they remain with the same speed.
– Added new line breaks for some russian quest tooltip texts.
– Text’s within window size.
– Main goals count now display the right values on overall statistics.
– There should be dashs on every goal description.
– Updated localization files with new main quest for the D9 map.
-Updated localization files with right Ids
– The message that the player is under attack should be displayed now for russian language.
– Earlragnall has the right unit description.
– Added russian translated game credits.
– Game difficulty properly working now for new games and save/load games menu.
– Updated game/scripts, for map D10. Quest is finished after the player destroys 8 gathering buildings.
– Added tooltips for townhall tax increase and decrease buttons.
– Fixed map “The withdrawal” serialization and lua scripts/quests.
– Shortcuts(keyboard) for action menu(peasant action menu) now work depending on townhall level.
– Tooltips to all minimap related buttons and main menu button.
– When pressing Z camera will focus current battle ground.
– The action panel now is toggleable. If an object is selected then it is visible.
– Fixed ingame action menu when calling ingame menu and an object was already selected.
– When the player engages in combat, a warning message is displayed on right bottom corner. This message is clickable now, and will focus the camera on the event.
– Tutorial is working properly.
– Resource deposits are now shown as white dots on the minimap. Once they are found they will be visible in FoW and the white dots will be removed from minimap, this because the player can finish mining all stone/iron and the dots would be useless/confusing.
– For now added a option to increase and decrease max population of Skirmish maps only, which can be found on Settings->Game Settings.
– Camera zoom increased. More zoom-in and zoom-out. Double clicking the mouse wheel will reposition the camera.
– Fixed Save/Load/GameMenu ingame windows navigation when pressing ESC.
– This is how the peasant cycle works. Clicking E will target the nearest idle peasant to the camera view/cursor. If that one is already selected then it will select the next one on a ‘x’ radius.
– Now its possible to set custom controls on Settings->Controls.
– Improved game physics.

Publisher: bitComposer Games
Developer: Games Distillery
Genre: Strategy

Release name: Citadels_Update_5-FLTDOX
Size: 1.56GB

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