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Group WaLMaRT has released a small pc game called “Multilytheus”. Enjoy!

Description: Multilytheus is a difficult abstract first-person puzzle game about navigating and understanding space. Inspired equally by At a Distance, Metroid Prime, Corrypt, Half-Life, Doom, Super Mario 64, 2001: A Space Odyssey (which isn’t a game), and the artwork of Paul Klee (which are also not games), Multilytheus wants to reorient your perspective through an encounter with the unfamiliar. Multilytheus is a maze to be explored, and it won’t be easy to hold everything in your head. It’s as important to establish connections in your brain as it is between the corridors of Multilytheus if you mean to escape—if you think escape is a good goal to seek. Multilytheus started with a Maya file called “” As new rooms and the various paths between them were plotted out, the size of this file increased. The file, however, was never renamed, and all of Multilytheus continues to take place in one hallway, although it may appear to be a complex network of tubes.

Release Name: Multilytheus-WaLMaRT
Size: 52.55 MB




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