Title: Port.Royale.3.Treasure.Island-FLT
Genre: Business simulation game
Developer: Gaming Minds Studios
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Size: 1.05 GB
Languages: English


About This Game:

You will start your raids from your own hideout but cities may be
restricted to you. Your aim in Dawn of Pirates is to become the most
notorious pirate in the Caribbean by raiding and plundering.

Depending on how fast and successful you will complete this campaign you
will gain a high score which you then can compare with other players using
an online ranking list. Arrr, what are you waiting for? Set sail!


* New campaign with adjusted interface and gameplay
* Ironman-mode for very ambitious players
* Ranking-system with a global online-high-score-list
for normal as well as Ironman-mode

Installation Information:

* Burn or mount
* Install the the addon ( requires Port.Royale.3-SKIDROW )
* Block PortRoyale3.exe and AppData.exe in your firewall
* Start the game and enter the serials in this order when prompted:
PR3-PN6FP-NLPQJ-LYWR8-33WWG-3Y4DD ( main game )
P31-K2JM-R483-JYDN-PJPA-RNWJ ( addon )
* Play the game

Addon is multi and works fine with german GNS release too!


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