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Group PROPHET has released pc game “Space Ark”. Enjoy!

Description: Space Ark is a fun arcade/puzzle game with a hint of retro arcade flavour; inspired by classic arcade games of the late 80s, such as Rainbow Island, Bubble Bobble and Arkanoid.

With your crack team of animal ‘Arkonauts’, you have escaped your once peaceful solar system, which has been shattered by a wandering black hole, and are now looking for new places to live. With a trail of damaged planets left in the black hole’s wake, the space travelling animals board the Space Ark and fly across the galaxy on a mission to repair the damaged worlds. At each planet your Arkonauts must bounce in the air and bag DNA combos, power-ups and all the fruit they can catch so ultimately inhabitants can return!

A colourful, original arcade action game with the golden age of ‘one more go’ gaming running through its DNA, Space Ark is that classic title, which is easy to play yet difficult to master for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

The Arkonauts need your help so – let’s Bounce!

Publisher: Bounce Entertainment
Developer: Strawdog Studios Ltd
Genre: Action, Indie, Casual

Release Name: Space.Ark-PROPHET
Size: 410.59 MB





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