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“NDS emu” was released before the Nintendo DS itself in November 2004. The purported emulator was packaged with a demo file, as no commercial games had been made available. When commercial games were released, NDS emu was unable to emulate them. “Dualis” was released on March 5, 2005. It could not run commercial games, but could run homebrew games.“NO$GBA” was released with Nintendo DS support on January 22, 2006. An update of the emulator released on August 4, 2006, was stated by the creators to be the first emulator supporting commercial Nintendo DS games


  1. Atabrur

    Run in compatibility mode with Win XP and as administrator.

  2. Adhayaray

    Can you upload DmC to Uptobox?

  3. Jayamant

    Hey guys! my game does not save at all.. I have to begin again and again…
    Do not know why… Can you please help? I istalled update 2 FTS

    Buongiorno ragazzi! il mio gioco non salva in nessun modo… devo ricominciare di nuovo ogni volta..
    Non so il perché.. potete aiutarmi? ho istallato update 2 FTS

  4. Ukameva

    thanks for game.

  5. Urumand

    nice game … Thanks

  6. Nirilan


  7. Hatarind

    where is the install button on this site for trial evolution

  8. Dhativipa

    OH! is this kind of Turn-based fighting?

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